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Bhutan Toilet Organisation

Bhutan Toilet Organisation was founded in 2014 informally, inspired by World Toilet Organisation (WTO). It is one of Bhutan’s first non-profit organisation committed toward building a toilet culture in the country by inspiring and empowering individuals and communities through education, advocacy and social initiatives. It aspires to collaborate with the Health Ministry of Bhutan, WTO, media houses and business enterprises in building clean toilets, changing mind-sets of Bhutanese people and promoting health and hygiene. We also aim to make toilets accessible to differently abled people, which is sorely lacking today in Bhutan Bhutan Toilet Organisation would like to bring Bhutanese citizens together to help the government build and maintain public toilets, school toilets and highway toilets.

Bhutan Portable Toilet Project

Portable Toilets are perfect solution against open defecation at public meets and events. Bhutan like any other country has many events but unlike other developed countries has shortage of toilets. With the aim to let people in traumatic situations relieve themselves off natures untimely call in the privacy of the portable toilets, we hope to achieve a clean public space and access to clean toilets.

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The Toilet Warriors

Passang Tshering

Executive Director

Che Dorji

Program Officer

Tshering Nidup

Program Officer

Jigme N. G

Program Assistant


The Toilet Story of Bhutan


Together we can change a lot, together we can build clean toilets in the minds of Bhutanese people, together we can build toilets in towns and on the highways, together we can take clean toilets to our villages, together we can! Become our Volunteer.


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