Paro Melom Chenmo

Few days before the Melom Chenmo, Paro dzongkhag administration called us to help them in building and managing toilets. We gladly accepted their request and immediately started working towards it. We repaired our wooden knockdown toilets and transported them to Paro. We dug four pits and installed our toilets on it making it ready for the public. The week long Melom started with huge crowd gathering. BTO officials with the help of volunteers from Paro College of Education not only managed these toilets clean but also controlled the crowds from going behind the bushes.

Since all the volunteers were student and the Melom went through week days, we didn’t have volunteers during some days. Although it was tough to manage the toilets as well as controlling the huge crowd at the same time with just few BTO officials, but we didn’t compromise with the cleanliness of the toilets.

Even though the organizers agreed to provide lunch and refreshments for the volunteers, we had tough time getting it. We had to run after different person in charge to get a decent lunch for volunteers, when sometime to our despair the lunch gets exhausted and had to return empty stomach. When organizers failed to provide lunch for us we did let our volunteers work empty stomach but bought lunch from BTO fund and provided the to the volunteers.

After the event, we dismantled our toilets and covered the pits properly and brought our toilets back to our office.