Royal Highlander Festival

The Royal Highlander Festival, first of its kind was organized by Gasa Dzongkhang in collaboration with other local partners in Laya, Gasa, from 16th to 18th October, 2016, with the objective to make Highlands a lively and booming economy. The festival aims to promote the sustainable livelihood of highlanders; showcase highlanders’ innovation; and exhibit the Highlands as a Pride of Bhutan. It was also to celebrate the birth of HRH the Gyalsey; 400 years of Shabdrung Rimpoche and the Rabjung birth year of Guru Rimpoche.

Gasa Dzongkhag invited us to manage toilets during the festival, which indeed was an honour; for BTO taking and managing public toilet at the altitude of 4200 meters above the sea level was literally BTO’s highest mission.

For public we dug seven 3-feet-deep pits on which we placed seven two-by-two meters plywood sheets with holes cut out in the shape of a foot (representing our logo). Those were the base of our seven pit toilets and roofing each of them were our foldable and portable tents procured by the Gyalpoi Zimpon’s office. Of seven tent-pit-toilets three were for female and four we made it male. To contain the odor we used saw dust as always. Occasionally used lemon spray and other perfumes as a welcome gesture to the users.

Thorough out the festival six students of Laya, three boys and three girls volunteered with us to keep toilets clean and odor less. Thanks to them BTO was able to offer the best of its services to all the spectators attending the Royal Highlander Festival, that we received appreciation from many including His Majesty himself.

We left our footprint there with our volunteers who agreed to spread the knowledge on how to keep pit toilet smell-less.