World Toilet Day

November 19th is World Toilet Day, last year to observe the day Bhutan Toilet Organization had raised more than 300 volunteers throughout the country to clean and make aware of the state of Public Toilets across the country. We had cleaned more than 50 public toilets in 20 Dzongkhags and gifted the country with 50 clean public toilets.

Theme of this year’s World Toilet Day is “Toilets and Jobs” and to mark the day, Bhutan Toilet Organization in collaboration with Doctor Toilet (a private firm) decided to clean the toilets in JDWNRH, Thimphu. Since it is one of the most crowded buildings in the country day in, day out, people from all walks of life visit this place one or the other day. There by giving highest priority on health, sanitation and hygiene, and also to appreciate and thank all the cleaners cleaning the hospital toilet.

BTO and Doctor Toilet staffs along with 70 volunteers (49 students of RIHS and 21 others) cleaned more than 100 toilets, starting form 9 A.M in the morning till 12 O’ clock. We did a thorough cleaning of toilets in the hospital from washing the pots both inside out with soap, scrubbing walls and flush tanks to mopping the toilet floors dry. All along we had all the cleaners of the hospital not cleaning for today but, observing us as to how to make and keep toilets clean.

It was a successful event and it is because of all the help we have received from you all. We would like to thank JDWNRH and RIHS for allowing us to observe World Toilet Day in the hospital and giving us a huge numbers of hardworking volunteers. Thank you Dr. Toilet for collaborating with us we look forward to such events in the future too, thank you all the volunteers and lastly thank you so much all the cleaners of JDWNR hospital firstly for your kind cooperation and secondly for allowing us to use your tools.